Workflow automation

Make your product flexible

Let your users automate anything from routine tasks to complex business processes

Let your users automate workflows visually

Acquire and retain sophisticated,
high ticket users

Drag&Drop Workflow Automation Designer

Our visual drag-and-drop workflow automation designer has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use, visually appealing, and fully customizable. With this feature, it will be easy for even non-technical people to tailor your product to automate their daily routines and meet their unique business goals. 

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Dashboard with Charts

Appmixer provides a customizable dashboard with charts, allowing your users to see and understand the data flowing through their workflows. Thanks to our JavaScript SDK, you can embed our data visualization UIs seamlessly into your web products.

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Unlimited Connectors

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Appmixer provides a wide range of connectors that you can use out-of-the-box. Or you can implement any number of custom connectors just by dynamically uploading them to the Appmixer engine using the REST API or Command-line interface. Your custom connectors can talk to any public or private API or provide new utility functions.

Custom and Built-in Connectors | Workflow Automation

Use Cases

Marketing Automation

Martech vendors use our workflow automation tools to let their digital marketing customers orchestrate the flow of data and events between multiple applications.

Cloud Communications

Companies providing IVR or omnichannel communication platforms use Appmixer to let their customers define communication flows and combine multiple communication channels (email, SMS, voice, messaging platforms, etc.).

Artificial Intelligence

AI vendors use Appmixer workflow automation UI as an interface to their underlying technologies. This enables end-users of these products to take full advantage of the smart backend technology.

Document Processing

Vendors of document processing and automation software use Appmixer to let their users configure flows for document data extraction, intelligent data entry, and document processing.

Product brochure: All you need to know about Appmixer

Learn how Appmixer helps your SaaS reduce your development cost and churn rate by 40%. Get to know our licensing models, technologies our system is built with, and stories of our successful customers.

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Delight your customers with a workflow automation tool that boosts productivity

When your SaaS product has tools that allow end-users to easily automate their workflows without writing a single line of code, it will become a magnet to acquire and retain sophisticated, high-ticket customers. That’s precisely what Appmixer provides with its easy-to-use drag-and-drop workflow automation designer. You’ll also love how our flexible, customizable JavaScript SDK and REST API makes it easy to adapt our workflow automation system to your platform. Request a demo to learn more.