Automate your business processes with no-code

Use our workflow automation designer to automate processes across your organisation, all without writing a single line of code.

Trusted by global brands and visionary product leaders

Intuitive UI, robust automation engine

We provide you with a no-code environment and a robust automation engine with a set of pre-built connectors to third-party applications, giving you endless automation possibilities without developer involvement.

Automate repetitive processes

Adopt the automation mindset while saving precious development resources.

Reduced risk of human error

Automate processes to increase efficiency and eliminate the risk of errors.

Sync and modify data in real-time

Is the data you need scattered across your organisation? Wherever it is, you can sync and modify it in real-time using our powerful data modifiers and pre-built connectors. No coding skills required.

Consolidate your scattered data

Benefit from a rang of pre-built low-code modifiers to alter your data in real-time.

Tailor it to meet your needs

All features are fully customisable to fit your requirements.

Powerful analytics and BI dashboards

With our built-in analytics (logs, insights) and BI dashboards, you can delegate the troubleshooting of your workflows to non-technical teams, and keep a complete overview of your data on fully customizable dashboards.

Easy troubleshooting

Empower even non-technical teams to troubleshoot their workflows.

Overview over your data

Quickly view business-critical data on a fully customized dashboard.

Extensible connector library

Benefit from a library of ready-to-use connectors or build your own to niche apps or private APIs in just hours, without ever worrying about maintenance again.

Secure and reliable technology

Relying on an external component to power critical areas of your business is a big step. We acknowledge that and provide you with everything needed to retain full control over our technology, and do our homework to keep your data safe.

SOC 2 compliant

We're SOC 2 compliant and committed to regular independent security audits.

GDPR compliant

As a proud European company, we abide by local regulations, including GDPR.

Data encryption

Your and your customers' data is stored on encrypted servers, and in-transit data is transmitted through secure protocols.

Deployment method of your choice

We offer two deployment options: Self-hosted, ensuring full control of your data, and Hosted, for easier setup and maintenance, running on secure Appmixer servers.

Start automating today

Start automating your business processes with no-code and increase your teams' efficiency—all without writing a single line of code.