Augment your SaaS with no-code automation

Embed our no-code automation designer into your SaaS and empower your customers to visually automate their workflows and connect to any third-party application.

Trusted by global brands and visionary product leaders

"Appmixer's embeddable platform has allowed us to benefit from many of the integrations and components to create custom flows to deliver on customer automation needs and adapt quickly. The user interface makes it friendly to the eye and easy for customers to manage their own workflows to continually optimise their business operations and customer experience."

Andrew Pirret
Vice President of Product
shorter time to market
increase in won deals
lines of code to embed Appmixer

No-code automation designer that feels like your own

Make your SaaS more flexible by embedding our pre-built, fully customizable no-code designer. This allows your customers to visually automate processes directly within your SaaS, seamlessly, without realizing they are interacting with an external component.

Customer loyalty

Delight your customers with new features and increase their happiness and loyalty.

Hidden competitive edge

Outpace your peers by upgrading your SaaS with the power of no-code.

Ready-to-use tools to build complex automations

Let your customers benefit from advanced features like logic (filters, schedulers, loops), low-code capabilities to modify data in real-time, and an endless canvas to create workflows containing an unlimited number of apps. All are available in an intuitive drag & drop interface and fully customizable to your (or their) unique needs.

Customisable features

All features are fully customisable, making Appmixer truly fit your unique needs.

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Shorter time to market

Accelerate your roadmap by utilising a tried-and-true solution.

Integration hub that's secure and scalable

Adopt a complete technology that takes the heavy lifting off your shoulders. Benefit from our more than 10-year R&D efforts in developer SDKs and embed no-code automation features you never had to build.

Secure embedding via SDK, perfectly fitting your UI

Embedding through a JavaScript SDK ensures the most secure and native way to enrich your SaaS, without your users ever noticing they are interacting with an external component.

Analytics for easy troubleshooting

Built-in logs, insights, and BI dashboards empower you to troubleshoot your customers' integrations quickly and from a single place.

Complete integration hub

Our integration engine provides built-in facilities to reduce complexities inherent in API connector development, such as authentication (OAuth 1, OAuth 2, API keys, ...), error handling, quotas & limits, and error recovery, helping you focus your development resources elsewhere.

One system, many use cases

The embeddable automation designer can power many different use cases, all benefiting from the same built-in features.
Alert-driven security workflows

Provide your customers with tools to respond to security alerts, such as sending notifications or creating tickets in Jira.

Automated document processing

Enable your customers to consolidate documents into one place, automatically extract content, and enhance data using AI in a fully automated process.

Marketing automation studio

Launch a full-featured marketing automation studio, complete with tools such as schedulers, logic (if/then), and a set of pre-built connectors to CRMs, email marketing tools, and more.

IVR builder

Allow your customers to design sophisticated call flows within your cloud communications software.

Client-specific automations

Build custom automations on behalf of your high-value customers quickly and without code.

Extensible connector library

Turn integrations into your strength, win more deals, and increase the stickiness of your product. Benefit from a library of ready-to-use connectors or build your own in just hours, without ever worrying about maintenance again.

Secure and reliable technology

Relying on an external component for critical parts of your application is a big step. We acknowledge that and provide you with everything needed to retain full control over our technology, and do our homework to keep your data safe.

SOC 2 compliant

We're SOC 2 compliant and committed to regular independent security audits.

GDPR compliant

As a proud European company, we abide by local regulations, including GDPR.

Data encryption

Your and your customers' data is stored on encrypted servers, and in-transit data is transmitted through secure protocols.

Deployment method of your choice

We offer two deployment options: Self-hosted, ensuring full control of your data, and Hosted, for easier setup and maintenance, running on secure Appmixer servers.

How Alliants used ordinary data to deliver extraordinary guest experiences

Alliants transformed its client’s entire digital guest journey and delivered exceptional customer experiences using our no-code automation designer. Read the story.

30+ million
API requests per day
60+ million
notifications sent in less than four months

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