Power your IDP product with visual automation

Accelerate the sales velocity of your intelligent document processing product by embedding a no-code automation designer.

Why companies use Appmixer



Higher sales win rate



Churn rate reduction



Shorter time to market

Clear sales bottlenecks. Give less technical users access to powerful automation.

Enhance your customers' experience

Connect your product to 100+ applications and databases from the day one.

Impress potential customers on demo calls

Simplify your API's power for everyone with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Showcase common document workflows in sales calls to impress people in your pipeline.

"On sales calls, the no-code designer is where potential customers get the most excited."

Elyse Hamilton
Director of Customer Growth @ Clone Systems

Features you can have but never have to build

Adopt plenty of automation-related features without investing any time in R&D.

White-label no-code automation designer

Embed a drag-and-drop designer into your product for unlimited automation possibilities.

100% matches your UI

Made to blend with your product

Secure embedding

Using JavaScript SDK

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Human touch in an automated workflow

Let your customers include human approval in an otherwise fully automated workflow.

Automatic notifications

Notify decision makers

Built-in task center

Manage tasks from a single place

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Data sync across many applications

Visual data sync from one component (trigger or action) to another with only a few clicks.

Easy to use

Intuitive even for non-techies

Built-in data validation

Assistance to sync data the right way

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Low-code data modifiers

Customizable library of low-code data transformations to alter data in real-time.

Library of pre-built functions

Ready-to-use from the day one

Easy to extend

Build unique modifiers quickly

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Troubleshooting made easy

Debug workflows of your customers with little effort using logs and dashboards.

Intuitive logs

Search and view data easily

Advanced dashboards

Full control over critical metrics

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Extensible connector library

Turn integrations into your strength, win more deals, and increase the stickiness of your product. Benefit from a library of ready-to-use connectors or build your own in just hours, without ever worrying about maintenance again.
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