Embedded solution for Document processing

Provide document movements and transformation from within your platform

To all the DocuSigns and Wrikes of the world, there is a simple way to integrate your platform with other tools, and define document movements without limits.

Embed a ready-to-use tool with automation and integration capabilities.

Workflow automation designer

Unlimited components

Your branding

Each of your customers has its logic when it comes to document processing. By embedding Appmixer into your platform, you can start saying yes to "Can I automate it?".
Connect to any API your customers desire. You can use pre-built components or built your own in days, not months.
Our customizable UI SDK makes Appmixer a native part of your platform. It's like giving your platform a visual upgrade without having to code the UI yourself.

Leverage a scalable way to integrate with literally anything

Connecting to all APIs takes ages and reserves a significant part of your development capacity. Well, not with Appmixer. Use our pre-built connectors and build new connections in days, not months.
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Implement a robust automation engine

Imagine English tea without milk. Nonsense, right? Similarly, Appmixer's embedded iPaaS comes with a great-looking automation designer that lets your customers streamline processes by automating commonly used actions.
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Guide: How to use embedded iPaaS for integrations and workflow automation

Some of the most desired features in SaaS are integrations with third-party apps and workflow automation. Learn how SaaS vendors leverage embedded iPaaS to deliver those at scale.

Diego Gomes

CEO, Rock Content

Tobias Lehmann

Co-Founder & CTO, parlamind

Vishal Shah

Chief Technology Officer, vidREACH

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Want to attract and retain high-ticket customers? Give them the ability to integrate your SaaS with the tools they rely on and automate their workflows without writing a single line of code, and thank us later.

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