How VIER built a world-class chatbot solution using No-Code platform

There is no one-size-fits-all approach in the chatbot industry where every conversation has its logic. VIER's agility empowered by our No-Code platform is one of the reasons for its dominance in this ever-evolving market.

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Smooth UX

thanks to a great-looking designer


saved on in-house development


sales calls with a real-looking interface
Their story

Unlimited Communication – One Platform

Combining artificial and human intelligence, experience, and intuition, VIER makes contact-based business processes more efficient and user experience measurably better. Serving more than 1000 clients from all corners of the world, VIER counts as one of the key players in the industry.

Their goal

Help customers build chatbots in a simple-to-use designer

With VIER Dialog Workbench and its conversational AI and natural language understanding capabilities, VIER's customers can build chat and voice bots that actually understand what users say, instead of just relying on pre-defined paths. The challenge was to empower their customers with a simple-to-use designer to build any conversational logic they desire.

Their chosen solution
Their success

Building chat and voice bots with ease

Having embedded Appmixer, VIER's customers feel confident building chat and voice bots, and sales reps are empowered by a real-looking interface showcased on demo calls. Synergy at its best.

  • Smooth UX thanks to a great-looking designer
  • Months saved on in-house development
  • Effective demo calls with a real-looking interface

Leon Wilmanns

Product Owner, VIER

Vishal Shah

Chief Technology Officer, vidREACH

Diego Gomes

CEO, Rock Content

Tobias Lehmann

Co-Founder & CTO, parlamind

Edmund Munday

Former Lead Product Manager, StarRez

Andrew Pirret

VP of Product, Alliants

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