Build a custom connector to any API in hours

Extend the connector library based on your unique needs, including niche applications, private APIs, or utilities with custom logic tailored to your SaaS.

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New: App events

As an alternative to custom connectors, you can now create app events to easily trigger automations and integrations, sending data from your application to Appmixer.

How to build a custom connector

Five steps and no more than two hours are all you need to build a custom connector tailored to your specific needs.

Install Appmixer CLI

We enable you to build, test and deploy new connectors from where you (or your devs) feel like home–your command line interface.

Define and implement your connector

Define the connector metadata in JSON and implement its behavior using Node.js module (how it processes inputs and produces outputs). Using this method, you can implement any business logic or make calls to third-party or internal HTTP endpoints.

Note that built-in facilities are provided for authentication (OAuth 1, OAuth 2, Basic auth, API keys, etc.), state handling, error handling, automatic retries, logs, and more, saving you a significant amount of research, development and maintenance.

Test your connector locally

Test your new connector before publishing it to your tenant using the Appmixer CLI. This process ensures a quick and reliable method to keep your production bug-free.

Pack and publish your connector to Appmixer

Use the Appmixer CLI to pack and publish the newly created connector to your Appmixer tenant. Afterwards, you or your customers will be able to use the new connector as part of their integrations and automations.

Let your customers use the new connector

Voilà! The newly created connector is now available in Appmixer and can be exposed to your customers as part of simple-to-activate integration templates or included in more complex automations using the embedded automation designer.

Not your cup of tea? Let us build it for you

As part of a proof of concept (POC), we're happy to build a connector on your behalf free of charge, whether it's for your own SaaS or any other third-party API. Our valued customers can benefit from our professional development services and receive connectors on a regular basis. Request a connector