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Embedded solution for MarTech & SalesTech

Empower your customers with endless integration possibilities

There is no "one app to rule them all" in marketing and sales. Luckily, you are one step away from integrating your SaaS with thousands of others.

Let integrations be your strength, not a weakness.

Robust engine. Simple drag & drop studio.

Unlimited components

Flexible data transformation

With an app studio and automation engine built into your platform, your end-users will build flows between different silos with confidence.
MarTech is constantly evolving. Satisfy the ever-changing demand of your end-users by connecting to any API within days, not months.
As the data flows between different apps, your end-users have all they need to make adjustments they desire. Flexibility at its best.

Provide native integrations with other cloud apps at scale

Make Appmixer and your MarTech platform one environment by embedding our fully customizable UI SDK, and provide native integrations at scale. You will not only save months on in-house development, but also soften the heart of your customers.
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Workflow Automation | Appmixer
drag and drop builder | Appmixer

Let your customers automate routine tasks

In marketing and sales, timely engagement is everything. Your customers know that and ask for ways to automate their routine tasks and engage 1:1 to any topic. Upgrade your platform with our workflow automation system, and fulfill your customers' wishes.
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Guide: How to use embedded iPaaS for integrations and workflow automation

Some of the most desired features in SaaS are integrations with third-party apps and workflow automation. Learn how SaaS vendors leverage embedded iPaaS to deliver those at scale.

Diego Gomes

CEO, Rock Content

Tobias Lehmann

Co-Founder & CTO, parlamind

Vishal Shah

Chief Technology Officer, vidREACH

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Amaze your customers

Want to attract and retain high-ticket customers? Give them the ability to integrate your SaaS with the tools they rely on and automate their workflows without writing a single line of code, and thank us later.

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