Product brochure: All you need to know about our embedded iPaaS and workflow automation system

Learn how Appmixer helps your SaaS reduce your development cost and churn rate by 40%. Get to know our licensing models, technologies our system is built with, and stories of our successful customers.

The SaaS application landscape is fragmented. The average number of SaaS applications used by organizations worldwide grew from 8 in 2015 to 110 in 2021.
The problem is, it is difficult to deliver SaaS integrations and workflow automation quickly and in a scalable form, and build a bridge between different silos. This is where platforms like Appmixer come to the rescue.

Learn all about our embedded iPaaS and workflow automation system and how it helps you implement integration and automation features in weeks, not months or years.

What you'll get

Benefits of Appmixer + its features

Manual for Appmixer

Overview of the licensing models

Real examples and case studies

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