More connected. More automated. More loved.

Allow your customers to connect to any app

Make automation possible

Solve ad hoc integration needs with ease

Your customers rely on dozens of apps. Help them easily sync their data between those silos–without using a single line of code.
No one wants to be bothered with repetitive tasks. Let your customers automate business processes in an intuitive environment.
Building and maintaining integrations can be a real pain. Outsource your integration needs and stay agile in solving ad hoc inquiries of your customers and in-house teams.

Pull data from any CRM in real time

Your customers need a 360° overview of who they talk to. Let them connect to their CRM and pull the caller data when they need it most.

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Build a modern IVR system

Building a complex IVR system? With our tested and proven embedded No-Code studio, you open yourself to endless automation possibilities and save months on in-house development.

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Launch an integration marketplace

Connect your SaaS with tens or hundreds of others and let your customers sync their data in real time, store call logs anywhere they want or process transcripts for sentiment analysis.

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Build a world-class chatbot solution

Do your customers define the communication logic themselves? Let them design workflows in a modern environment with advanced logic and wide range of third-party applications.

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Why Appmixer?

We’ve spent more than a decade perfecting the key features that set us apart from the rest.

Native embedding

JavaScript SDK seamlessly embeds Appmixer’s fully customizable UI widgets — including our No-Code automation designer — into your application.

Embeddable No-Code designer

Our embeddable and scalable workflow automation engine, built with REST API, makes it easier than ever to automate business processes and data flows.

Custom connectors

Use any of our pre-built connectors or build your own – with any cloud app or private API – in a matter of hours.

Flexible deployment

We provide fully-hosted or self-managed solutions so you can install our technology – quickly and easily – on your own infrastructure.

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Diego Gomes

CEO, Rock Content

Tobias Lehmann

Co-Founder & CTO, parlamind

Vishal Shah

Chief Technology Officer, vidREACH

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