A collection of e-books to help SaaS companies achieve their visions for integration and automation.

6 reasons why you shouldn’t integrate your SaaS with Zapier

Zapier and other ‘leading’ integration tools aren’t a magical solution to your integration needs; in fact, they fail to address many key criteria for you and your customers.

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The ultimate guide to embedded iPaaS

Enter the world of embedded iPaaS platforms. This category of technology helps you reduce R&D costs, accelerates time-to-market, increases the happiness and lifetime value of your customers and gives your SaaS a competitive advantage.

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Checklist: Launch a visual automation builder for your SaaS clients

This ultimate checklist will help you through all the steps to implement a visual workflow automation builder to your SaaS product, guiding you to understand what you need to successfully implement this tool to your existing product and how long it will take you to do so.

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UCaaS: 7 advantages of implementing a visual workflow automation

By upgrading your UCaaS platform with the right visual workflow solutions, you give your customers a quick approach to creating communication applications that are seamless without having to learn about your APIs.

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Market report: SaaS integrations, performance and scalability

The aim of this report is to provide product managers with the information they need to develop solutions with the features that are in demand.

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Product brochure: All you need to know about Appmixer

Learn how Appmixer helps your SaaS reduce your development cost and churn rate by 40%. Get to know our licensing models, technologies our system is built with, and stories of our successful customers.

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