How Alliants used ordinary data to deliver extraordinary guest experiences

Alliants transformed its client’s entire digital guest journey and delivered exceptional customer experiences using our No-Code workflow automation designer.

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milion API requests per day


milion notifications sent in less than 4 months

automation possibilities
Their story

Automate the ordinary. Deliver the extraordinary.

Alliants believe in delivering exceptional customer experiences. Their consultancy services and software products have helped some of the world's most respected luxury hotels, travel and retail brands become data driven businesses.

Their goal

Help their clients create event-driven workflows

Alliants needed to provide their clients with a native solution for creating all kinds of automated, event-based workflows, such as notifying guests when their room is cleaned or confirming a shipment when an order is completed.

Their chosen solution

Robust engine. Intuitive No-Code automation studio.

Although Alliants considered developing such a system in-house, they decided to use a proven solution and are thus able to meet their clients' needs faster and with less resources. Appmixer, which handles more than 30 million API requests per day, has become the solution that makes their efforts to turn data into memorable experiences easily scalable.

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Their success

Making top hotels, retail and logistics brands more data-driven

With Appmixer, Alliants offer a fully integrated user interface and robust engine that allows their clients to easily create complex workflows and make the most of their data.

  • 30+ milion API requests per day on average
  • 60+ milion notifications sent in less than 4 months
  • Unlimited automation possibilities

Andrew Pirret

VP of Product, Alliants

Vishal Shah

Chief Technology Officer, vidREACH

Diego Gomes

CEO, Rock Content

Tobias Lehmann

Co-Founder & CTO, parlamind

Leon Wilmanns

Product Owner, VIER

Edmund Munday

Former Lead Product Manager, StarRez

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