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What makes Appmixer unique

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Embedded automation designer

Let your customers build complex automations in a visual no-code designer.

Embedding via JavaScript SDK

Go for the most secure and customizable embedding method on the market.

Custom connectors

Build custom connectors in just hours or minutes with our OpenAPI generator or using NodeJS code.

Flexible deployment options

Run Appmixer on your infrastructure or go hosted for easier setup and maintenance.

Integrate Artificial Intelligence natively into your SaaS

Combine your SaaS with the power of AI and let your customers choose the context in which they use it.

You'll have it easy with us

All you can do with Appmixer

With Appmixer, the choice is yours. We provide all the tools necessary to launch easy-to-use integration templates, quickly fulfill custom integration requests, and enhance your SaaS offerings with advanced, no-code automation solutions.

Offer native integrations without having to code them

Do your customers seek simple-to-activate integrations? Satisfy their needs with intuitive integration templates and access to over 100 pre-built connectors.

Build bespoke automations visually and quickly

Getting requests for tailored automations? Deliver them in hours using our visual designer powered by advanced logic, schedulers, data modifiers and pre-built connectors. Similarly, leverage Appmixer to automate your own business processes, streamlining efficiency across your operations.

This is where most embedded iPaaS platforms reach their limit.
Upgrade your SaaS with no-code automation

Let your customers build sophisticated automations themselves using a no-code automation designer–all from within your SaaS. Reduce churn rates and outsmart your competitors with advanced features that you never had to build.

Professional automation features
Higher customers stickiness
Advantage over your competitors

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