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Keep your customers in your product by providing native integrations

"This will take a year" "It's done already."

Don't reinvent the wheel. Embed our tested and proven integration system into your software and innovate within weeks. With Appmixer, you no longer need to worry about handling complex features critical to connecting APIs such as error handling, authentication, quotas and limits, automatic recovery, and more.

Seamlessly embedded into your product

We've done the heavy lifting for you. All you need is to embed Appmixer into your product, make adjustments to match your branding using our JavaScript SDK and let your customers connect to any API – no coding skills required.

Empower your customers with automation capabilities

Besides integrations, your customers can design, execute and automate any business process using the Appmixer drag & drop workflow automation designer. Moving data from different silos and automating manual tasks can hardly be easier.
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Product brochure: everything you need to know about Appmixer

Learn how Appmixer can reduce your development costs and churn rate by 40%. Get to know our licensing models, learn about the technologies our system is built with, and read stories from our successful customers.

Use Cases

Marketing Automation

Martech vendors use our workflow automation tools to let their digital marketing customers orchestrate the flow of data and events between multiple applications.


Companies providing IVR or omnichannel communication platforms use Appmixer to let their customers define communication flows and combine multiple communication channels (email, SMS, voice, messaging platforms, etc.).

Artificial Intelligence

AI vendors use Appmixer workflow automation UI as an interface to their underlying technologies. This enables end-users of these products to take full advantage of the smart backend technology.

Document Processing

Vendors of document processing and automation software use Appmixer to let their users configure flows for document data extraction, intelligent data entry, and document processing.

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What our clients say

Diego Gomes

CEO, Rock Content

Tobias Lehmann

Co-Founder & CTO, parlamind

Vishal Shah

Chief Technology Officer, vidREACH

You're in good company

Since 2014, we help companies of all sizes and from various industries build advanced visual tools in less time. JointJS, the diagramming framework that got us famous, was the cornerstone of Appmixer and helped us create this state-of-the-art workflow automation and integration software.

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Want to attract and retain high-ticket customers? Give them the ability to integrate your SaaS with the tools they rely on and automate their workflows without writing a single line of code, and thank us later.

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