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ServiceNow integration

Deploy a native integration with ServiceNow in no time and offer your customers ways to automate repetitive processes in No-Code fashion.

This connector is not yet in production, but it can quickly be delivered upon request.

Integrate your SaaS with others, effortlessly

Embed a no-code automation designer or simple-to-use integration templates into your SaaS and let your customers connect to any API. Never worry about integration development and maintenance again.

100% matches your UI

Embed via JavaScript SDK

100+ pre-built connectors

Connect to any API effortlesly

Custom connectors

Build your own integrations in hours

Comprehensive logs

Troubleshoot with ease


 triggers & actions

Inserts one record in the specified table. Multiple record insertion is not supported by this method.
Deletes the specified record from the specified table.
Retrieves the record identified by the specified sys_id from the specified table.
Retrieves multiple records for the specified table.
Updates the specified record either with the request body or with specific name-value pairs included in the request body.
Need more triggers and actions?
Learn how to build a custom component (trigger or action) in hours.

Integration hub that's secure and scalable

Adopt a complete technology that takes the heavy lifting off your shoulders. Benefit from our more than 10-year R&D efforts in developer SDKs and embed integration features you never had to build.

Secure embedding via SDK, perfectly fitting your UI

Embedding through a JavaScript SDK ensures the most secure and native way to enrich your SaaS, without your users ever noticing they are interacting with an external component.

Analytics for easy troubleshooting

Built-in logs, insights, and BI dashboards empower you to troubleshoot your customers' integrations quickly and from a single place.

Complete integration hub

Our integration engine provides built-in facilities to reduce complexities inherent in API connector development, such as authentication (OAuth 1, OAuth 2, API keys, ...), error handling, quotas & limits, and error recovery, helping you focus your development resources elsewhere.

We make integrations easy

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