SaaS Integrations Market Report - Performance and Scalability

The 2020 SaaS Integrations Market Report - Performance and Scalability gathered detailed information on benchmarks, most common ways other SaaS businesses are using this resource, and many more insights from industry experts. This valuable resource will help SaaS businesses to offer or improve their workflow automation builder and integration solution to their end-users. Download now your free copy to get an advantage over the competition.

Who took the survey?

The survey counted exclusively with the participation of companies from the SaaS market. Over half of those surveyed were product managers who play an active role in the development, launch, and marketing of their company’s SaaS solutions.

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47% of the participants agreed that time is the main challenge when trying to add more built-in integrations to their product.

40% of the participants spend between 20 and 100 hours building and maintaining custom integrations between platforms, SaaS and microservices.

50% of the participants feel that their competitors offer a better workflow automation builder than theirs because of their integration features.


Responders claim that lack of time was the main challenge does business have when trying to add more built-in integrations to product.

Summary and Conclusions

There is a clear gap between what SaaS developers believe will give their products a competitive advantage and what they are able to deliver or focus on. The key barriers causing this divide are challenges related to development resources and time.

The survey clearly indicates that workflow automation features in SaaS products provide value to end-users.

The survey also indicates the importance of built-in integrations when it comes to offering the workflow automation end-users desire.

The survey indicates that a significant portion of companies do not want to or cannot make developing the built-in integrations a priority.

The survey identified that the majority of built-in SaaS integrations are limited to 1-3 tools, which is likely due to the challenges of adding integrations to their product.

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