Infinite automation possibilities achieved in one month: how this SalesTech SaaS harnessed embedded workflow automations

Part five of our six-part series on the role of iPaaS in a complete white-label SaaS offering, and how MarTech and SalesTech vendors can deploy their own white-label solution to convert customers.

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of workflow automations, their necessity for today’s marketeers, and how offering these to your customers can help them automate their routine tasks through. These intuitive workflows should be simple to set up and navigate, and require no coding or technical expertise to create. 

Satisfying your customers’ needs in this way, and giving them means to create automations that will make their lives easier no matter how technically savvy they may be, will help you attract and retain customers for life.

You know this, but you likely haven’t seen it in action–until now. 

This blog focuses on one such organization, vidREACH, a sales engagement platform that personalizes and automates video and email so that every sales interaction is personal and catered to each prospect. Wanting to improve the experience of its customers, vidREACH harnessed the power of embedded workflow automation, allowing them to create infinite automations in no time. The results speak for themselves.

How vidREACH stood out from the competition

User engagement is everything to an organization like vidREACH. It knew that offering market-leading workflow automation to its customers would help drive meaningful engagement. Still, it also knew it could offer much more than that to cement itself as a vital tool in its end-users sales and marketing arsenal.

To achieve this, vidREACH set out to make sure that even its non-technical users could automate their daily tasks so that they could say goodbye to manual lead management and time spent monitoring and moving customers along their sales funnel. Instead, through the power of white-labelling, it allowed them to automate these tasks and better focus their time and resources where they were most needed. 

It did this by offering users a shockingly simple, easy-to-understand and navigate drag and drop studio that does these tasks for them. It white-labelled Appmixer’s robust engine and straightforward automation designer, enabling end-users to automate routine tasks with the utmost ease.

Workflow automation in vidREACH

This meant meaningful, automated interactions, delighted customers, and tremendous product upgrades that resulted in:

  • 12x shorter time to market: vidREACH knew it needed to build these automation features for customers who had grown to expect them. It needed to incorporate a flow builder that connects with the customer’s other applications to give them complete control. vidREACH estimated this would take up to 12 months to build in house, but by embedding our fully customizable No-Code workflow designer as part of our solution, it was able to offer this as a white-labelled solution in just one month–saving plenty of time and resources and freeing up their team to focus on other business-critical tasks.
  • Endless automation possibilities: If you work in marketing and sales, you know that timely engagement is everything–and that if you can’t offer your customers everything they need in one neat package, they’ll find a partner who can. By combining Appmixer’s workflow automation system with vidREACH’s platform, white-labelled as one customer-facing solution, vidREACH was able to fulfil its customers’ wishes, give them endless automation options, and become an integral tool that they will depend upon for years to come.

Say that a vidREACH user creates a personalised video and sends it to a potential customer. She took time to do the research, connect with the person, prepare the script and craft the final video. Once the content is sent to the potential customer, she will likely want to plan a series of follow-ups (we all know how it works in sales – no follow-ups, no interaction). Historically, this would have been a manual process. She may have turned to an external solution like Zapier that connects other applications that send an SMS, make a call, or send a simple follow-up email to remind the person about this exceptional video content. 

Today, vidREACH users don’t have to learn how to use another automation or integration tool; in fact, they don’t even have to leave the application. They can automate any business process and create complex workflows from within vidREACH with a simple-to-use drag and drop designer.

vidREACH is just one of the many success stories that prove that upgrading your SaaS product with the means for end-users to integrate with other tools and easily automate their workflows can lead to tremendous success. 

By embedding Appmixer’s workflow automation system, vidREACH transformed the day-to-day manual challenges of its users with infinite No-Code automation possibilities, becoming a true ‘value add’ partner in the process. Today its service is invaluable to existing customers and far more attractive to new ones.


This has been the fifth blog in a six-part series on the benefits of white-label SaaS for MarTech and SalesTech vendors and the vital role of embedded iPaaS integrations in helping them stand out from an increasingly saturated marketplace. Each blog will outline an essential step in white labelling, covering useful workflows, key automations, and practical advice on reselling white label services.

Stay tuned for the final blog of the series, which will guide you on how to take everything you’ve learned throughout this series and use it to start selling your own SaaS.