Three benefits of incorporating white label iPaaS into your SaaS

Part two of our six-part series on the role of iPaaS in a complete white label SaaS offering, and how MarTech and SalesTech vendors can deploy their own white label solution to convert customers.

As stated in part one of this series, white label iPaaS is revolutionary in its ability to enrich your SaaS offering in a way that is cost-effective, intuitive and attractive for end-users - helping you achieve your business goals faster. 

In this article, we will share with you three key benefits of incorporating iPaaS into your SaaS. From tailoring your product to customers’ needs to ease of use for those with zero code knowledge, a white label iPaaS can transform your SaaS and what your customers can achieve with it:

1. You can reclaim valuable time

Spend less time on developing and maintaining integrations, freeing up your resources to focus on your core business. The integration of iPaaS into your business eliminates day-to-day distractions, speeds up processes, supercharges your product, and allows your developers to focus on the core of your product.

If you’re still not convinced, just ask our customer vidREACH, whose sales engagement platform automates video and email to improve sales interactions. vidREACH used Appmixer to enable workflow automations that resulted in 11 months saved on in-house development and a 12x shorter route to market.

2. You can reduce churn rate by 40% as you attract and retain more customers than ever before

Empower your end-users to automate their tasks and integrate with tools they already use. ​​New customers will no longer have to search for external integration solutions and will be less likely to switch to a competitor, while new customers will be easier to attract and retain in the long run.

It’s a proven fact that merging apps leads to powerful, more productive workflows; research proved that Typeform users who used such integrations to push data to their other services reduced churn by up to 40%.

3. Your customers can achieve incredible results no matter how technically skilled they are

In marketing and sales, timely engagement is everything. Once an iPaaS is embedded into your solution, end-users can create no-code workflows and flexible, customisable, powerful automations–no matter how technically skilled they are.

This is far more effective than relying on human resource. One company admitted that its team spent 10 to 15 minutes entering data for every new lead, while following up with existing customers to re-order every few months took four hours–20% of which was lost on employee breaks and other human-related time loss factors.

These are just a few of the many ways a white label iPaaS can elevate your SaaS offering. Ideally, you want all of the above packaged in a way that is scalable, private and secure–be it on a public or private cloud–for complete peace of mind. But more on that next time.


This has been the second blog in a six-part series on the benefits of white label SaaS for MarTech and SalesTech vendors and the vital role of iPaaS integrations in helping them stand out from an increasingly saturated marketplace. We will regularly be outlining a vital step in white labelling, covering useful metrics, key automation and practical advice on how to resell white label services.

Keep an eye out for part three, which will highlight core workflow examples and their vital role in customer conversion.