Explore Main Features of Appmixer

Drag & Drop Workflow Designer

Create workflows by dragging connectors onto the canvas and connect them using a familiar input and output logic. Supports branching and cycles, variables (output data available from the connected components back in the chain) and modifiers (functions that allow you to modify variables at runtime - e.g. integer functions such as addition and subtraction, date functions to modify dates, object functions to access nested properties, loops, conditionals and much more...).

Flows Manager UI

Organize flows in an easy to use Flows Manager UI. Supports filtering, search, pagination, starting/stopping flows, cloning flows and much more.

Dashboard with Charts

Built-in customizable dashboards with charts. Charts can display any data passing through the Appmixer flows including aggregations such as Date Histogram, Filters, Sum/Min/Max/Avg and more. Charts are easily configurable and the dashboard can be re-organized by drag&drop.

JavaScript SDK

All Appmixer UI widgets such as Designer, Flows Manager, Dashboard can be seamlessly embedded into your own web products. The look&feel of all the UI widgets can be customized including all texts. UI widgets will match your branding and your end-users will not even notice that they are inteacting with Appmixer.

Visit our online documentation for details.

Custom Connectors

Appmixer provides 40+ connectors that you can use out-of-the-box. Or you can implement your own connectors that you can dynamically upload to the Appmixer engine using the REST API or Command-line interface. Your own custom connectors can talk to any public or private API or provide new utility functions.

Appmixer handles all the heavy lifting when dealing with APIs such as authentication (OAuth 1, OAuth 2, API keys), error handling, quotas & limits, error recovery, etc... . You can only focus on the business logic and let the rest be handled by Appmixer.

Implement your custom triggers, actions, webhooks or utilities.


Appmixer engine can run in a cluster environment and is horizontally scalable to achieve maximum throughput and stability. All the supporting technologies (RabbitMQ, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis and Node) are horizontally scalable too. We provide guidance and support in installing Appmixer in highly available environments.


Appmixer provides a REST API that allows you to access and control all the entities withing Appmixer (users, flows, insights, connected accounts, and more.... ). See the documentation for details.

Command-line Interface

Appmixer provides a CLI interface that allow you to publish new connectors and access and control flows in an intuitive way.

Admin Panel

Appmixer provides a Backoffice Admin Panel that allows you to view and edit users and flows stored in the Appmixer engine. This is a great tool for providing support for your end-users or control permissions of your users.

TIP: You can check out full technical documentation at docs.appmixer.com.

How it works

Appmixer makes it easy to connect and integrate your apps with third-party APIs.

1. Call Your Endpoints

Send events and other data securely to Appmixer using industry standard methodology.

2. Set Your Steps

Connect multiple APIs or run custom code, and change it at any time in our visual editor without affecting your apps.

3. Monitor Your Data

Get real-time insight to the data flowing through Appmixer.

Amaze your customers

When your SaaS product has tools that allow end-users to integrate with other tools and easily automate their workflows without writing a single line of code, it will become a magnet to acquire and retain sophisticated, high-ticket customers. We'll be thrilled to show you more.

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