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Build the brigde between automation and human interaction

Don't reinvent the wheel. Implement ready-to-use Appmixer utilities and let your customers automate any business process.

Embedded automations with advanced logic

Augment your SaaS with advanced no-code automation features, including logic (filters, schedulers, loops), built-in forms, human-in-the-loop capabilities, and much more, all tailored specifically to the nature of your SaaS.

Advanced logic

Conditions, schedulers, loops and more

Built-in data storage

Key-value store to persist and reuse important data


Human approval steps in an otherwise automated process


Connection to any API via webhooks and HTTP requests


 triggers & actions

People Task is a feature that allows human interaction inside workflows.
People Task is a feature that allows human interaction inside workflows.
Need more triggers and actions?
Learn how to buid a custom component (trigger or action) in hours.

Integration hub that's secure and scalable

Adopt a complete technology that takes the heavy lifting off your shoulders. Benefit from our more than 10-year R&D efforts in developer SDKs and embed integration features you never had to build.

Secure embedding via SDK, perfectly fitting your UI

Embedding through a JavaScript SDK ensures the most secure and native way to enrich your SaaS, without your users ever noticing they are interacting with an external component.

Analytics for easy troubleshooting

Built-in logs, insights, and BI dashboards empower you to troubleshoot your customers' integrations quickly and from a single place.

Complete integration hub

Our integration engine provides built-in facilities to reduce complexities inherent in API connector development, such as authentication (OAuth 1, OAuth 2, API keys, ...), error handling, quotas & limits, and error recovery, helping you focus your development resources elsewhere.

We make integrations easy

Upgrade your SaaS today

Start a free trial and enrich your SaaS with advanced integration and no-code automation features in a matter of days.