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Connect your product with any API through webhooks and HTTP requests

Don't reinvent the wheel. Implement ready-to-use Appmixer utilities and let your customers automate any business process.
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Data in, data out. From anywhere to anywhere.

Embed Appmixer into your software and let your customers build advanced workflows. All that with only a few lines of code.

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Sync and modify data with ease

The data of your customers lives in many different silos. Make it easy for them to alter and sync it using a No-Code solution that even non-tech-savvy users master.

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 Workflow Triggers & Actions

This component sends HTTP PATCH request to external services.
This component returns HTTP response to Webhook.
This action sends HTTP GET request to external services.
This action sends HTTP DELETE request to external services.
This action sends HTTP PUT request to external services.
This component sends HTTP POST request to external services.
Periodically checks if a site is up or down. Message is sent to output port when site's availability is changed (site goes up or down).
This trigger fires any time a request is delivered to the URL that you provide in the Webhook configuration.

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Native part of your software

Thanks to our JavaScript UI SDK, embedding and customizing Appmixer is super easy. Your customers won't even notice they interact with an external solution.

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Connect your software with any API

The time of building and maintaining APIs is over. Implement integrations in days and let your customers choose from a library of ready-to-use connectors.

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Amaze your customers

When your SaaS product has tools that allow end-users to integrate with other tools and easily automate their workflows without writing a single line of code, it will become a magnet to acquire and retain sophisticated, high-ticket customers. We'll be thrilled to show you more.

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