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Real-time data saving made simple

Don't reinvent the wheel. Implement ready-to-use Appmixer utilities and let your customers automate any business process.

Embedded automations with advanced logic

Augment your SaaS with advanced no-code automation features, including logic (filters, schedulers, loops), built-in forms, human-in-the-loop capabilities, and much more, all tailored specifically to the nature of your SaaS.

Advanced logic

Conditions, schedulers, loops and more

Built-in data storage

Key-value store to persist and reuse important data


Human approval steps in an otherwise automated process


Connection to any API via webhooks and HTTP requests


 triggers & actions

Save file to DB.
Read file and send it's content to output port line by line. The order of the lines reaching a destination component is not guaranteed and probably won't match exactly the order of the lines in the source file. Each output message contains the index property which corresponds to the number of the line in the source file.
Remove file from the DB.
Read file and send content to output port.
Need more triggers and actions?
Learn how to buid a custom component (trigger or action) in hours.

Integration hub that's secure and scalable

Adopt a complete technology that takes the heavy lifting off your shoulders. Benefit from our more than 10-year R&D efforts in developer SDKs and embed integration features you never had to build.

Secure embedding via SDK, perfectly fitting your UI

Embedding through a JavaScript SDK ensures the most secure and native way to enrich your SaaS, without your users ever noticing they are interacting with an external component.

Analytics for easy troubleshooting

Built-in logs, insights, and BI dashboards empower you to troubleshoot your customers' integrations quickly and from a single place.

Complete integration hub

Our integration engine provides built-in facilities to reduce complexities inherent in API connector development, such as authentication (OAuth 1, OAuth 2, API keys, ...), error handling, quotas & limits, and error recovery, helping you focus your development resources elsewhere.

We make integrations easy

Upgrade your SaaS today

Start a free trial and enrich your SaaS with advanced integration and no-code automation features in a matter of days.