Checklist on How to Launch a Visual Automation Builder to your Martech Product with a Real Case Study

Learn all the necessary steps to implement a visual workflow automation builder to your Martech product. Understand what you need to successfully implement this solution to your existing product.

Offering a workflow automation builder in your product gives you an edge over the competition by providing your users with visual workflows that are engaging and easy to use in automations. These benefits help ensure that your users won't be looking for a better marketing tool elsewhere.

With this free checklist, you will understand all the steps necessary in adding this tool to your product. By following these steps, you will have launched a visual integration builder. We included a real life case study, so you can read about someone who went through all these steps and was finally able to provide their users with this automation tool. 

You will also be able to see what this tool will look like for your users through our visual flows as demonstrated at the end.

After reading the checklist you will see

How to choose no-code
integrations platform

How to install the tool

How to launch the builder
in your tool

A real life case study

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