⚙️ Junior Full Stack Developer (JavaScript, NodeJS, HTML 5, CSS 3) #engineering

We at Appmixer are looking for a Junior Full Stack Developer (JavaScript, NodeJS, HTML 5, CSS 3) to join our growing startup that provides embedded iPaaS and workflow automation software.

  • Are you interested in working on state-of-the-art workflow automation and integration system built on the best technologies?
  • Do you like JavaScript no matter where it runs? (Browsers, NodeJS, MongoDB, etc.)
  • Would you like to become a part of a growing startup and enjoy the benefits that startups bring – a fully remote job, ESOP, flexible working hours, and more?

If You:

  • Are interested in improving your JavaScript skills
  • Have some experience working both in NodeJS and in browser environments
  • Have some experience with GIT
  • Know Vue framework
  • Like NoSQL, Linux, Redis, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch
  • Like APIs, Internet Protocols, Authentication standards, Workflow automation and Integrations
  • Enjoy challenges and improving your skills
  • Are able to communicate with our customers and us
  • Can communicate freely in English

We Can Offer:

  • The opportunity to work on a world-class software product
  • The ability to work with modern technologies
  • A friendly and international group of highly motivated teammates
  • The possibility to work from wherever you are
  • Competitive salary and possibility to own shares in the company
  • Flexible schedules
  • And more!

Why us:

We are a team of innovators with the ambition and desire to work with new technologies and create products that our clients will be excited about. The enthusiasm we awaken in them today is due to the huge time savings that Appmixer represents for them.

In addition to Appmixer, we are also the creators of JointJS, a modern HTML 5 JavaScript library for visualizing and interacting with charts and graphs.

We have one thing in common: vision and drive to change things for the better.

Want to be part of the ride? Let us know...

Get in touch.

If you share your passion and ambition, get in touch. We'd be thrilled to have you in our team!