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Why Appmixer?

Appmixer provides a full-featured platform for workflow automation and integration housed in a scalable modular architecture that enables seamless embedding and installation on any infrastructure.

Workflow Automation Engine

Scalable workflow automation engine with REST API automates business processes and data flows.

Integration Platform

Appmixer takes care of the heavy lifting associated with developing API clients. Built-in support for Authentication (e.g.: OAuth 1, OAuth 2, API keys), automatic handling of API quotas and limits, graceful error handling and recovery, log history with dashboards and charts, and much more.


JavaScript SDK seamlessly embeds any of Appmixer’s UI widgets — including the drag-and-drop workflow designer — into your web products. All UI widgets are fully customizable.

Custom Connectors

Appmixer is equipped with over 50 ready-to-use connectors for the most popular platforms or you can build your own custom triggers, actions, and webhooks to any third-party cloud app or internal API.

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