Please note that our reference to "Zoho Bookings" should be understood as "Zoho Books". We apologize for the confusion.
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Zoho Books integration

Deploy a native integration with Zoho Books in no time and offer your customers ways to automate repetitive processes in No-Code fashion.

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Clear your backlog. Take advantage of embedded integrations.

Embed Appmixer into your software and let your customers connect to any API visually. All that with only a few lines of code.

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Sync and modify data with ease

Your customers use plenty of different apps. Let them sync the data using a No-Code solution and modify it along the way.

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Zoho Books

 Workflow Triggers & Actions

Attach a file to an invoice.
This component creates a new contact.
Create an invoice for your customer.
This component deletes existing contact.
Delete an existing invoice. Invoices which have payment or credits note applied cannot be deleted.
Generate out port for Contact components.
Generate out port for Invoices components.
Get the details of an invoice.
List all chart of accounts along with pagination.
When triggered, returns a list of contacts from your Zoho.
Get journal list.
When triggered, returns a list of organizations from your Zoho.
List all projects with pagination.
Mark a voided invoice as draft.
Mark a draft invoice as sent.
Update an existing invoice. To delete a line item just remove it from the line_items list.
Mark an invoice status as void. Upon voiding, the payments and credits associated with the invoices will be unassociated and will be under customer credits.

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Thanks to our JavaScript UI SDK, embedding and customizing Appmixer is super easy. Your customers won't even notice they interact with an external solution.

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When your SaaS product has tools that allow end-users to integrate with other tools and easily automate their workflows without writing a single line of code, it will become a magnet to acquire and retain sophisticated, high-ticket customers. We'll be thrilled to show you more.

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Zoho Books

 Workflow Triggers

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