Zapier alternative

Forcing your users to leave your app for tools like Zapier? There is a better native way.

Leverage a trending technology and start offering native integration and automation features in days.

Reasons not to integrate your SaaS with Zapier

Zapier is there for the masses, but it doesn't help SaaS companies create native integrations - something that helps them increase customer stickiness, reduce churn rates, and ultimately increase revenue.


Easy to implement
Scales well
Low implementation cost
Forcing your customers to leave your app
Your customer has to learn a completely new UI
Your customers has to pay Zapier (not you) for integrations
You lose control over your customers' experience
You lose opportunity to monetize integration features
Your customers see your direct competitors in the marketplace
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Easy to implement
Scales well
Low implementation cost
Your customers stay in your app
Your customers have a seamless experience
Your customers don't have to pay for an additional tool
You're in full control over your customers' experience
You have the opportunity to monetize integration features
You increase the happiness and stickiness of your customers
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Start on Monday, release on Thursday. Here is how it works.

You don't have to code and maintain native integrations yourself. Leave the heavy lifting to us and focus on the core of your product. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to launch native integrations in a matter of days:

1. Evaluate Appmixer during a free trial
(14-30 days)
2. Build custom connectors without limitations
(2-24 hours)
3. Customize the UI to perfectly match your SaaS
(2-12 hours)
4. Embed Appmixer into your SaaS
(1 hour)
5. Start offering native integrations

Upgrade your SaaS with innovative technology

Embedded integrations are a new category of technology that can help you modernize your SaaS while saving enormous IT resources. Take the next step and provide your customers with native integration and automation capabilities in no time.

Embedded workflow automation

Insert the No-Code workflow automation designer into your application and let your customers automate any business process.

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Native integration marketplace

Let your customers integrate with the apps they love through our intuitive integration marketplace – zero coding skills required.

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One-click integrations

With Appmixer, your customers can sync data between different apps with just one click. Simply insert a single button and our automation engine will do the rest.

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Automate anything

Our technology is flexible. You can use it to automate internal processes, sync data between different places and modify them in real time.

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Embedded iPaaS

How you provide integration and customization options to your customers can be the difference that gives you an edge over your competitors. Increase value for your customers while saving on development and maintenance costs by integrating faster with Appmixer, a white-label iPaaS platform.

Workflow Automation

Customers have an increasing demand for SaaS products to be tailored to their unique business goals. Instead of hardcoding each of your customers' business processes and limiting their options, give them the creative freedom to create automated workflows by themselves with in an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

What makes Appmixer different to Zapier?

Are you still forcing your customers to leave your application to build and manage their integrations? If you want to make your customers’ lives easier, we’ve compiled 6 reasons why you should consider providing native integration and automation features.

What our clients say

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Product Owner, VIER

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CEO, Rock Content

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Co-Founder & CTO, parlamind

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Edmund Munday

Former Lead Product Manager, StarRez

Andrew Pirret

VP of Product, Alliants

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