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Give your users more integration power—start by augmenting your SaaS with easy-to-use integration templates and evolve into offering a full-featured no-code automation designer.

"One of the only true embeddable iPaaS products, highly recommend"
Tyler Oliver, Product Manager and Cybersecurity expert

Give your users automation superpowers

Traditional embedded iPaaS solutions, such as Locoia, come with simple, embeddable integrations. Appmixer revolutionises SaaS integrations by providing a fully customizable no-code automation designer, making it a natural part of your product and giving even your non-tech savvy users automation superpowers.

Flexible integration options

Enable your users to build integrations unique to their use cases.

Easy to use

Empower users to benefit from advanced yet easy-to-use features.

Start with simple integrations and expand to unlimited automation

Offer native integrations without having to code them

Do your customers seek simple-to-activate integrations? Satisfy their needs with intuitive integration templates and access to over 100 pre-built connectors.

This is where most embedded iPaaS solutions reach their limit.
Upgrade your SaaS with no-code automation

Let your customers build sophisticated automations themselves using a no-code automation designer–all from within your SaaS. Reduce churn rate and outsmart your competitors with advanced features that you never had to build.

Professional automation features
Higher customers stickiness
Advantage over your competitors

Features you only get with Appmixer

Choose a secure technology that places no limits on your users' desire for integrations.

Embedded no-code automation designer

Your users have unique integration needs. Let them build automations of any kind from within your SaaS, without realizing they are interacting with an external component.

Secure embedding via JavaScript SDK

Avoid insecure iFrames and UX-damaging external hubs. Opt for the most secure and customizable embedding method on the market.

Quick-to-build custom connectors

Hundreds or thousands of pre-built connectors are great, but what if you need to connect your product to niche apps or private APIs? Be ready with our tooling for building custom connectors and integrate your product with any API in hours.

Flexible deployment options

Run Appmixer on your infrastructure to control your integration tech stack and have data under your roof, or go hosted for easier setup and maintenance.

Product tour: See Appmixer in action

Discover the 'how' through our interactive product tour. Grasp key concepts and make an informed choice.

Extensible connector library

Turn integrations into your strength, win more deals, and increase the stickiness of your product. Benefit from a library of ready-to-use connectors or build your own in just hours, without ever worrying about maintenance again.

Secure and reliable technology

Relying on an external component for critical parts of your application is a big step. We acknowledge that and provide you with everything needed to retain full control over our technology, and do our homework to keep your data safe.

SOC 2 compliant

We're SOC 2 compliant and committed to regular independent security audits.

GDPR compliant

As a proud European company, we abide by local regulations, including GDPR.

Data encryption

Your and your customers' data is stored on encrypted servers, and in-transit data is transmitted through secure protocols.

Deployment method of your choice

We offer two deployment options: Self-hosted, ensuring full control of your data, and Hosted, for easier setup and maintenance, running on secure Appmixer servers.

Trusted by visionary product leaders

Hear it directly from them—product leaders who solved their automation challenges with no-code.

Diego Gomes

CEO, Rock Content

"Appmixer is an amazing platform for companies looking for simple, easy & scalable data integrations. We've also been impressed with the agility and the quality of the Appmixer support team."

Oytun T.

CTO, Motaword

"Appmixer platform is very flexible and comes with a good set of components. You can access and modify these components' source code, which is a great help. The flexibility of the Appmixer platform enables flow programming to a very high degree, making the implementor's life much easier. The team behind Appmixer is very supportive; they allocate time to brainstorm compelling cases and sincerely listen to your feedback."

Vishal Shah


"Appmixer is the best product of its kind! It not only comes with a ton of components but allowed us to seamlessly build and integrate our own components. The support from these guys is second to none and even incorporated some of our feature requests into their application!"

Andrew Pirret

VP of Product, Alliants

“Appmixer's embeddable platform has allowed us to benefit from many of the integration and components to create custom flows to deliver on customer automation needs and adapt quickly. The user interface makes it friendly to the eye and easy for customers to manage their own workflows to continually optimise their business operations and customer experience.”

Leon Wilmanns

Product Owner, VIER

"Appmixer saved us a tremendous amount of development time. The default UI of the designer looks great and is ready to be used out of the box. However, if you need to make any changes, Appmixer UI SDK offers all the flexibility needed for embedding into your product seamlessly."

Jan Zenisek

Head of Product Development, Apify

"It’s powerful yet simple to adopt for those with coding skills. In my opinion, a solution like this will soon become a ‘must-have’ for most SaaS companies."

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