New release: Appmixer 4.5 is here

Appmixer 4.5 is here with a few bug fixes, a new File page, and a filepicker input type which can be used in components that work with the Appmixer Files.

Introducing Appmixer 4.5

Appmixer 4.5 has just been released! In this latest version, we bring several bug fixes and introduce a new File page where you can manage all previously created files. In addition, we are introducing a new filepicker input type that can be used in components that work with Appmixer files.

New File page in Appmixer

Let's go through some highlights


  • New Wizard close event.
  • Multiselect does not work in the Wizard bug fixed.
  • New filepicker input type which can be used in components that work with the Appmixer Files. All Appmixer built-in components that work with files (appmixer.utils.files.LoadFile for example) will be later updated to use this new input type. 
  • More about the UI/SDK update can be found in our official release notes.


  • Fix for PRECONDITION_FAILED RabbitMQ error. This happened if a component was processing an input message for more than 30 minutes. Appmixer will reject the message and it will be retried. The default timeout is now set to 25 minutes. Can be changed with BROKER_MESSAGE_ACK_TIMEOUT ENV variable.
  • Remove components API removes quota managers from the DB, too. In the previous versions, the quota managers stay in the DB and when the module is published again, under certain circumstances it was possible to get to a situation, where two quota managers for the same service were stored in the DB. Which resulted in an error while processing flow messages.
  • Fix two parallel start commands. It could happen that if two flow start requests were sent to a cluster of Appmixer nodes at the same time, the flow was not correctly started in the whole cluster.
  • Read more in our official release notes.


  • New API endpoints for working with Appmixer files.
  • Fix Test Account - when the token is refreshed. Sometimes the Status column showed failed, although the account was fine. This happened if the access token connected to the account has just been refreshed (forced to be refreshed by the test).
  • Fix for searching a flow/store with special regex characters.
  • GET /users/:userId returns 404 if a user is not found.
  • PUT /users/:userId returns 404 if the user does not exist.
  • Appmixer user’s username does not need to be an email address anymore (useful when creating virtual users).

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