New Appmixer 4.0.0 is here!

Appmixer 4.0.0 has just been released! Have a look at what major upgrades and new connectors the latest release brings!

The new Appmixer 4.0.0 has just been released!

We've been working hard over the past few months to deliver brand new Appmixer v4. It's coming with major performance and memory management improvements, adds support for ACLs (access control lists), custom modifiers and many other additions such as undo/redo in the Designer UI. We also made adding custom shapes possible for you to customize the look & feel and layout of objects in your workflows. Last but not least, we added 8 new app connectors with 93 new components.

Let’s have a look at some of the new features:

  • Engine performance and memory management improvements.
  • Engine implements a better graceful shutdown to allow components to finish message processing.
  • ACL support
  • Extensible modifiers
  • Custom themes and shapes
  • Undo/Redo buttons in the Designer UI
  • New components
  • Documentation for Appmixer SDK Charts components
  • Backoffice now contains a new page “Insights” providing high-level information of all activities in the Appmixer engine (total message count, total message size and per-month statistics).
  • New “filepicker” inspector field allowing to upload files directly in the Designer UI as an input to a component.
  • New “googlepicker” inspector field to display Google File/Folder picker UI in Google components.
  • New “onedrivepicker” inspector field to display OneDrive File/Folder picker UI in Microsoft OneDrive components.

Apart from these updates, we also worked hard on including new connectors with many useful components. Let's name a few:


  • New service with 17 new components.
  • Actions: AssignIssue, CreateIssue, DeleteIssue, FindIssues, GetIssue, UpdateIssue, CreateProject, DeleteProject, GetProject, ListProjects, UpdateProject
  • Triggers: DeletedIssue, NewIssue, UpdatedIssue, DeletedProject, NewProject, UpdatedProject

Microsoft OneDrive

  • New service with 3 new components.
  • Actions: ExportFile, UploadFile
  • Triggers: NewFile

Zendesk Chat

  • New service with 6 new components.
  • Actions: CreateChat, DeleteChat, FindChat, GetChat, UpdateChat
  • Triggers: NewChat

Amazon S3

  • New service with 12 new components.
  • Actions: CreateBucket, DeleteBucket, DeleteObject, GetObject, ListBuckets, PutContent, PutObject.
  • Triggers: DeletedBucket, DeletedObject, NewBucket, NewObject, UpdatedObject

Amazon SNS

  • New service with 1 new component.
  • Actions: SendSMS


  • New service with 8 new components.
  • Actions: CreateTicket, DeleteTicket, GetTicket, ListTickets, RestoreTicket, UpdateTicket
  • Triggers: NewTicket, UpdatedTicket


  • New service with 34 new components.
  • Actions: CountCustomers, CreateCustomer, DeleteCustomer, FindCustomers, GetCustomer, UpdateCustomer, CountOrders, CreateOrder, DeleteOrder, GetOrder, UpdateOrder, CountProducts, CreateProduct, DeleteProduct, GetProduct, UpdateProduct, CreateReport, DeleteReport, FindReport, GetReport, UpdateReport
  • Triggers: DeletedCustomer, NewCustomer, UpdatedCustomer, CancelledOrder, DeletedOrder, FulfilledOrder, NewOrder, UpdatedOrder, DeletedProduct, NewProduct, UpdatedProduct, NewReport

CSV Utilities

  • New set of utilities for working with CSV files (12 new components).
  • Actions: CreateCSV, ImportCSV, ExportCSV, AddColumn, AddRow, DeleteColumns, DeleteRows, GetCell, GetRow, GetRows, RenameColumn, UpdateRows

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