Summer surprise: Appmixer 4.4 is here

In this release, we bring a complete UI redesign and refactoring of the Appmixer SDK, a new mechanism for distributing and managing connectors, a new set of components, and much more.

Introducing Appmixer 4.4

Appmixer 4.4 is here! In this release, we bring a complete redesign of the UI and refactoring of the Appmixer SDK, allowing for better and easier customization, higher performance and better extensibility. As you know, our goal is to make Appmixer a natural part of your software, and we pride ourselves on continually improving to achieve this mission.

A complete UI redesign

Version 4.4 is an important milestone in our concept of connector distribution and management. Connectors can now be versioned, allowing us to release new versions without Appmixer releases - the same advantage applies to your own connectors created for your customers or internal use. In addition, you can now access and manage all connectors in Backoffice - install/delete and above all update them. As stated above, this feature allows us (and you too) to roll out new connectors and updates more nimbly.

Included in this release is a new set of components, including Hubspot's main triggers and actions, updated HTTP and Control components, and more.

Last but not least, new ways to transform data are now available that allow you to include Javascript functions in your workflows, use common data modification methods such as Padding, Kebab Case, Upper First and many more.

Let's go through the key changes one by one


  • New UI with new String and Theme objects that can be used to configure the entire look and feel. If you have any UI customizations of your own, make sure to test them against the new version.
  • Widget Integrations supports CustomFilter. This allows you to use the appmixer.ui.Integrations widget and display templates based on custom metadata.
  • New type of variables - Flow Variables. They are not related to the output port capabilities of the component, but are defined for the flow/user. The usage is the same as for the original component variables. Moreover, you can also apply modifiers to them.
  • New Data modifiers: Padding, Kebab Case, Upper First, Lower First, Snake Case, and Camel Case.
  • New Javascript Function modifier which supports anonymous functions, arrow functions, plain scripts, only the function body.
  • Redesigned charts: The user interface has been completely redesigned to simplify chart configuration. Some features of the previous version are no longer supported. The structure of the charts has been changed. Old charts are converted to the new structure on request (via API).


  • Component/Connector versioning: One of the biggest changes in 4.4 is the fact that components and connectors can be versioned now.
  • New options for the OAuth2 connectors.
  • Support for private connectors. You can make a component private by using private: true in the component.json file. This also works for the whole connector.
  • System webhook for quota limit errors.
  • Component Plugins. You can add a new feature to a connector (module) now. It can define its own API, DB collections, and jobs. The appmixer.utils.tasks, appmixer.slack, appmixer.hubspot, and modules have been rewritten to act as such a plugin. If you're interested in this feature, get in touch with our team.




  • Triggers: NewContact, NewDeal, UpdatedContact, UpdatedDeal.
  • Actions: CreateContact, UpdateContact, CreateDeal, CreateLineItem, DeleteContact, DeleteDeal, GetContact, GetDeal, ListContacts, ListDeals, ListOwners, ListProducts, UpdateDeal.



  • Add paging into FindEvents to get all 250 results, even if spread on multiple pages.
  • New UpdatedRow component.
  • The Auxiliary ListSheets component implements paging to get all the user’s spreadsheets.
  • UploadFile has a new replace-if-exists toggle.


  • HTTP components support application/x-www-form-urlencoded header.
  • New Webhook’s output port options - query and headers.


  • New LoadFileLines component that loads a file and sends it line by line to the output port.
  • JoinEach component that works together with Each component.

Current Appmixer customers are advised to read the migration guide to ensure a smooth transition to Appmixer 4.4. For more details and technical info, please visit