Appmixer 4.2 is here

We just released Appmixer 4.2. See what new features and improvements it brings in this article!

Welcome Appmixer 4.2

We just released Appmixer 4.2! It brings some awaited features to the drag & drop Designer UX such as copy-pasting components, moving/copying/deleting components in bulk, automatic connection of adjacent components when a middle component is deleted and components now remember their configuration details when reconnected. Also, there's a bunch of new connectors as always and many other improvements and fixes.

Let's dive a little further in what's new in 4.2:



  • Selecting multiple components at once while holding a SHIFT key.
  • Copy-pasting or cutting components (one by one or in bulk).
  • New Flows filter menu
  • Deleting a component in the middle of a flow now results in adjacent components getting automatically linked together.



  • CreateContact, DeleteContact, ListContacts, NewContact, UpdateContact, UpdatedContact, CreateDeal, DeleteDeal


  • Exchange rates API is a free service for current and historical foreign exchange rates published by the European Central Bank. The service homepage is
Google Drive and Clio Integration | Clio

Google Drive

  • google.NewFile - reacts on new file added to a particular folder


  • Microsoft authentication module works now for accounts without displayName property. In that case, the userPrincipalName property is used to identify the account.
Evan Blass on Twitter: "I feel like the new Gmail logo should have looked  more like this, given the overlaps.… "

Gmail, Microsoft and Email

  • You can add attachments in google.SendEmail, utils.SendEmail and microsoft.SendEmail components now.


  • Typeform module supports access token expiration. More information here.


  • New GetSignedUrl component that returns a signed URL for an S3 object.


  • appmixer.twilio.sms.ListFromNumbers filters phone numbers based on their sms/voice capabilities. For example, phone numbers that can’t be used to send an SMS won’t show in the Twilio.SendSMS component.


  • Slack module has been upgraded to support newly created Slack apps. More information here.

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