Appmixer Introductory Demo

Join David Durman on a pre-recorded introductory overview of Appmixer Embedded iPaaS and Workflow Automation platform

This Demo is designed for SaaS CEOs, CTOs, Product Managers and Developers.

In this 27-minute demo recording, you will learn:

What is Appmixer and how does it look?

How to use Appmixer Drag & Drop Workflow Builder?

How to embed Appmixer into your product?

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Who's presenting?

David Durman, CEO and Founder at Appmixer, Rappid, and, truly believes that no-to-low-code tools can fill in the gap between developer and business users, tremendously speeding up the process of developing applications. His goal is to help SaaS Businesses grow with workflow automations and diagramming visual toolkit.

It is because of that belief that he dedicated his work to visual tools, UIs, APIs, and workflow automation, which lead him to, in 2014, found client IO, a company that provides a developer SDK for building no-code visual tools used by many Fortune 100 companies. 

Appmixer was the natural following step developed by him and his team. Appmixer is a workflow & integration runtime with a visual no-code studio that can be seamlessly embedded into any web product.

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