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Appmixer is a customizable, white label, web-based workflow system.
Use it to create automated workflows, connect to popular apps, APIs, and more.
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Marketing Automation Workflow

Objective: Upon form submission, send a welcome email and two follow-up emails after a predetermined amount of time.
Apps and Connectors used:
Webflow - Webflow is a professional web design tool for designers and developers. It gives you the power to build custom, dynamic websites visually, while writing clean, semantic code for you.
Connector Used: NewForSubmission - Activated when a form is submitted.
Google Mail - Gmail is available across all your devices Android, iOS, and desktop devices. Sort, collaborate or call a friend without leaving your inbox.
Connector Used: SendEmail - Sends a welcome email to your new subscriber.
Connector Used: SendEmail - Sends a survey email to your subscriber.
Connector Used: SendEmail - Sends a call to action email to your subscriber.
UtilityTimers - Internal AppMixer utility used to add a timer to an action, or wait a predetermined amount of time (interval) before triggering an action.
Connector Used: Wait - Receives email and waits assigned interval before sending.
How it looks in AppMixer:
Outcome: When a website visitor submits their email address in the form, it is captures and a welcome email is sent from Google. A survey email is sent four days after the original submission, and a call to action email is sent seven days after the original submission.

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Appmixer takes care of the important things for you.


Appmixer handles all the OAuth authentication flows for you.

Error Handling

Errors are handled gracefully, logged and actions repeated when possible.


All transactions and passing data are logged. Get real-time insight to all activities.

Quotas and Limits

Appmixer ensures API quotas & limits are met by slowing down requests as necessary.

User Interface

Customizable easy-to-use UI includes Flow Designer, Management and Insights.


Transform or filter data before sending it to an API without any change in your apps.

Here's what others are saying:

I can see Appmixer saving us a lot of time not having to rewrite code to get it working with other systems.

Matt - Neoteric

Appmixer is a fantastic way to increase the services we can provide to our clients.

Siva - Sciera

Appmixer is a fantastic way to increase the services we can provide to our clients.

Siva - Sciera

It's been a very flexible solution to embed several integrations into my product.

Diego - Rock Content

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